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Eloboss: What is Eloboss?

Eloboss ( is an online website that offers boosting and other gaming-related services for a handful of games. However, it’s best known for all of the Counter-Strike-related services it offers like boosting, coaching, and more.

Eloboss is arguably one of the newest boosting service websites as it was initially founded in 2022 according to a blogpost on Yahoo Finance [1]. With its name spread out all over the internet in some places where you’d least expect to find traces of a boosting website, some are already tired of the incredibly aggressive marketing strategy of Eloboss.

Founding History

Initially founded in 2022 by Henry Walker [2], Eloboss is one of the newest Elo boosting providers around. As of 2024, Eloboss has only been under operation for a measly 2 years, which isn’t nearly enough time for any website to establish itself, especially in such a competitive industry.

Based in Russia, Eloboss initially began as a website that only focused on the game CS:GO. The website claimed to put a coaching twist to all of its boosting orders where the boosters also coached the customers while completing their boosting orders.

Although the website initially began as a CS-only website, it eventually expanded to a handful of other websites too. However, its user base is still on the low end, thanks to the less amount of time the website has had to properly grow and establish itself. With a little less than 1000 reviews on Trustpilot, it seems to be doing better than some other lesser-known boosting websites.

The Eloboss website relies on putting its name pretty much everywhere. From CS2-related forums to websites like Kinguin [3] advertising coupons for Eloboss, even many of those who aren’t interested at all in having their accounts boosted must have heard of this website at one point.

Offered Services

Eloboss is best known for all of its CS2-related services. This includes boosting, coaching, and account selling. When it comes to boosting in particular, there are multiple options customers can choose from which include basic CS2 boosting, ESEA boosting, Faceit boosting, and Esportal boosting.

CS2 isn’t the only game the website offers support for, as a handful of other games are also supported by Eloboss. These games include League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, and Apex Legends.

It’s very important to keep in mind that Eloboss only offers boosting services for the four aforementioned games. This means that if you were hoping to benefit from some coaching or account-selling services for, say, Valorant, then you might be at the wrong website, as Eloboss doesn’t offer these services for any game other than CS2.

Service Controversies

We touched on the first controversy a little earlier, but perhaps the biggest reason Eloboss is disliked by so many people is because of how aggressive and borderline obnoxious the website’s boosting strategy is.

Eloboss has been advertised in multiple places in the short time since it has launched. For example, you can go to a CS2 troubleshooting thread [4] that’s completely unrelated to boosting or even coaching but still find someone pluggin Eloboss in a way that makes it obvious that they started interacting with the original poster just to talk about Eloboss. This makes people exhausted from seeing the website’s name pop up everywhere.

This marketing strategy has been noticed by some other CS2 players as well. An example of this is a post on Reddit [5] where a user reportedly got a friend request on Faceit of a booster from Eloboss who was blantly advertising the website’s boosting services. The post made its way to the Faceit moderator’s notice, and the account ended up getting banned.

However, while this is a rather subjective controversy and you can possibly be on either side of the argument, the other controversy we came across is much more dire. According to a Reddit post [6], a Redditor found out a total of four accounts that were boosted by Eloboss. If you’re familiar with the promises Elo boosting websites make about ensuring that no one finds out about their accounts being boosted then you’ll know just how dire this is.

All four accounts apparantly had their hours boosted by a Steam hour boosting website, and the rank was then boosted by Eloboss. Things were made even more troubling for the Faceit moderators when they realized most of the accounts were actually verified. This resulted in some of the accounts being banned and Eloboss’ reputation taking a dire hit.

User Reviews

When it comes to Trustpilot [7], Eloboss has a rating of 4.7-stars. 94% of these rating are perfect 5-star reviews while 4% of them are 1-star ones. Most of the perfect reviews talk about the customer support of Eloboss and how they had an excellent experience with the website and its boosters.

On the other hand, two major problems are highlighted when it comes to the 1-star reviews. The first are those which call the website and its services a scam. These reviews range from those stating that the boosters assigned to them stole over $1,000 worth of skins, to those saying that after a long time of waiting they found out no booster ever started their order.

Trustpilot review

The second major problem seems to be time-related. Many customers state that their boosts take either too long to start or too long to be completed. Perhaps the most troubling one is where a customer waited for 45 days for their Faceit order to be completed before submitting their review. Keep in mind that Eloboss promises to complete every order in 15 days, which makes this even more alarming.


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