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Hitscan: What is Hitscan in FPS Games?

"Hitscan" refers to a type of weapon or ability mechanics that instantly calculate whether a shot fired by a player has hit its target. This is in contrast to other types of weapon mechanics, such as projectile-based weapons, where there is a travel time for the projectile before it reaches its target.

Hitscan weapons work by determining whether the crosshair of a player is over an enemy target at the moment the player fires. If the crosshair is on the target, a hit is registered immediately, without any delay for the bullet or projectile to travel. This makes hitscan weapons highly accurate and effective at hitting fast-moving or distant targets, as there's no need to lead the target or account for bullet travel time.

Hitscan vs Projectile: Which Weapons Are Better?

The choice between hitscan and projectile weapons in games like Overwatch is not a matter of one being inherently better than the other. Both types of weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses, and their effectiveness depends on the situation, playstyle, and the specific hero you're using.

For example, hitscan weapons have instant hit detection, reliability, and are consistent regardless of how far away you shoot from. On the other hand, projectile weapons have an element of predicition and many of them also have splash damage which is a huge advantage in any game.

Who Are Hitscan Heroes in Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, several heroes have hitscan weapons, and they are often favored for their precision and ability to quickly eliminate enemies. Some examples of hitscan heroes and their weapons include:

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