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Overgear: What is Overgear?

Overgear ( is one of the most popular online gaming marketplaces around. Offering various types of services and covering a bunch of games, it’s one of the most well-known marketplaces, especially for buying and selling in-game currencies like gold.

First founded in 2017, the Nicosian website has had more than enough years to gather a huge and diverse audience. However, that also means it has seen its fair share of controversies, especially when you consider just how many different industries the website has its leg in. After all, when you specialize in one thing, it’s difficult to spread out to do something entirely different.

Founding History was founded in 2017[1] by Alexander Karetin, who’s reportedly from London [2]. However, Alex did his education in Moscow and originates from Nicosia, where most of Overgear’s employees [3] come from too. Interestingly, Alex isn’t the only founder of Overgear, as the website has a total of three founders, and Tony Doronin is the one who tends to come into the public’s eye the most.

Tony even wrote an in-depth article [4] talking about how the website had 36 employees in 2021 and was getting around $1M in revenue. The article also talked about how COVID-19’s lockdown era was the best time for the website from a business standpoint, as more players were gaming, and therefore, the customer base was larger than ever.

Although the website initially began as an online marketplace where buyers and sellers were able to meet each other and chat through the website, it has since then expanded to include the buying and selling of in-game items as well as boosting and coaching services.

The communication hub of Overhear is Discord. The online gaming communication platform allows the higher-ups of Overgear to communicate with both customers and employees all the whole fostering a healthy community that allows customers to speak to each other, especially about their experience with the website.

Offered Services

Overgear offers various services for a bunch of games. Although the website was initially known for its buying and selling of in-game currencies and grinding for in-game items of games like World of Warcraft and other MOM games, it has since then expanded to include more games in its catalog.

As mentioned above, the website is best known for its account selling and grinding for specific in-game items, especially for World of Warcraft. All of the games the website covers are listed below:

Additionally, all of the games have their own specific services. For example, World of Warcraft is the only game that has the service that allows customers to buy gold, while Valorant is the only game that has the Agent contracts service. 

As for how they employ players for the various games they cover, players have to film a specific form [5]. The form requires a bunch of information including an official identification document as well as the user’s Discord account, as the entire hiring process is done there.

Service Controversies

Overgear has been in the business for a while now, and therefore, it’s only natural that the website would have been in a bunch of controversies. Some are interesting or scandalous and might affect how a potential customer thinks of it.

The first is that the website might overexaggerate how quickly it completes its services. A review by a former customer [6] spoke about how the person bought WoW gold from Overgear and was promised to receive the amount in under 12 hours. However, after an entire day of waiting, the gold was nowhere in sight, prompting the customer to request a refund. However, the refund was not given after over 96 hours with the Overgear customer support agent citing some technical PayPal-related issues.

A moderator of epicnpc, the same website the customer posted a review on, tagged the Overgear owner’s account [7]. However, when you click the link, you’ll find that the account is already banned thanks to “multiple scam accusations,” suggesting that more users of the platform must have accused Overgear of doing similar things.

Many World of Warcraft players are strictly against Overgear. A thread on Blizzard’s official website [8]sees someone asking what Blizzard thinks of websites like Overgear in particular. Although there wasn’t any definitive answer for whether Blizzard knows Overgear exists, many commenters voiced their negative opinion about Overgear, and some went as far as to state that they dislike those who use the website’s services.

Customer Reviews

Although the website has over 25,000 reviews on Trustpilot [9], 98% are perfect 5-star reviews. This is so impressive that some consider it to be a little suspicious, especially when you consider that most of the 5-star reviews state the website’s services were “fast,” something the website has been in hot water for before.

As for the 1-star reviews, almost every 1-star review states that Overgear is a scam and they either didn’t get the service they were promised with the quality Overgear premises, or they wanted to ask for a refund but the website either ghosted them or took to long to reply. 

Perhaps the most astonishing review is the one which stated that someone bought WoW gold, and the seller just deposited the entire lump sum in the customer’s account without including any text or taking any other precautions. If you’re a WoW player then you’ll know that such a thing can very easily result in someone’s account getting banned, and that’s exactly what happened here.


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