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Peel: How Do You Peel in Online Games?

Peeling" in online games is a tactical maneuver employed by players, often in team-based multiplayer games, to divert an enemy's attention away from their allies and redirect it onto themselves. This strategic move can be crucial in scenarios where an enemy has managed to flank the team and is specifically targeting a vulnerable or high-priority teammate, such as a healer.

The concept of peeling involves a player, typically one with good defensive capabilities or crowd control abilities (commonly a tank or support role), taking immediate action to intervene. By engaging the flanker or threatening them in some way, the peeling player disrupts the enemy's attack and creates a window for the endangered teammate to escape or regain their position.

For example, in an FPS like CS2 or Valorant, a tank character might use their abilities to obstruct the flanker's progress or engage them directly. This not only shifts the enemy's focus but also helps protect the healer or other vital team members. The successful execution of peeling requires effective communication and teamwork, as players must coordinate their actions to thwart the threat and ensure the team's overall survival and success.

How Do You Properly Peel?

The core of peeling involves engaging the enemy who is targeting your teammate. This can be done by using your character's abilities, positioning, or your shooting skills to threaten and disrupt the attacker. 

The goal is to make yourself a more tempting or immediate target for the enemy, drawing their focus away from your endangered ally. Effective communication with your team is vital during this process, ensuring that your teammates are aware of your efforts and can capitalize on the distraction to escape or regain their position safely.

Timing is critical in peeling. You need to act swiftly to intercept the threat before it inflicts significant damage to your teammate. Successful peeling demands a combination of situational awareness, game knowledge, and teamwork, making it an essential tactic in team-based online games where protecting and supporting your comrades can be just as vital as individual combat skills.

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