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Pre-Fire: Why Do Players Pre-Fire?

Pre-firing, in the context of FPS games, refers to the practice of firing your weapon at a specific location or around a corner before you actually see an opponent. This preemptive shooting is based on the anticipation that an enemy may be hiding or moving into that area. The goal is to catch the opponent off guard and deal damage or secure a kill as soon as they appear.

Why Pre-fire Matters

Now, you might be wondering what advantage pre-firing could possibly have. After all, you're just shooting a couple of seconds earlier and there's no certainty that the shots will hit someone, right? Well, there are actually a couple of advantages to pre-firing.

Effective Pre-firing Techniques

Naturally, just pre-firing every single wall you come across would be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of these exclusive pre-firing techniques that we came up with after consulting with our professional level FPS games players.


To pre-fire effectively, you must anticipate where your opponent will be. This often comes with experience and map knowledge. Pay attention to common hiding spots, angles, and high-traffic areas.

Sound Cues

Listen for audio cues like footsteps, gunfire, or equipment usage from the enemy. These can give you hints about an opponent's presence and help you decide when to pre-fire.


In team-based games, communicate with your teammates to gather information about enemy positions. This can help you decide where to pre-fire and coordinate with your team.

Crosshair Placement

Keep your crosshair at head level and aim where you expect an opponent to appear. This reduces the time it takes to line up your shots when pre-firing.

Burst Fire

Instead of spraying wildly, use controlled bursts or tap firing when pre-firing. This maintains accuracy and conserves ammunition.


Timing is crucial. Pre-fire too early, and you might reveal your intentions without hitting anything. Pre-fire too late, and the enemy can react and counter your shots.

The Risk of Pre-firing

While pre-firing can be a powerful tactic, it's not without risks. Frequent pre-firing can deplete your ammunition, leaving you vulnerable. It can also give away your position to attentive opponents. Therefore, it's essential to use pre-firing judiciously and combine it with other tactics to stay unpredictable.

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