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Throwing: What Does it Mean to Throw an Online Match?

Throwing, in the context of competitive gaming, refers to the deliberate act of a player or team performing poorly or making suboptimal decisions with the intent of losing a match or game. 

Throwing can manifest in different ways depending on the game, but it generally involves actions such as intentionally feeding kills to opponents, not playing to one's full potential, or sabotaging one's team in some manner.

Why Do Players Throw?

Now that you know what throwing is in competitive games you might be wondering what drives people to perform such an action. Well, there are actually several possible reasons and we want to highlight some of them here.

Economic Gain

In some cases, players may throw matches for financial gain, either by participating in match-fixing or by betting against their own team. This unethical behavior not only harms the integrity of the game but also has legal consequences.

Tilt and Frustration

Competitive games can be mentally taxing, and players can become frustrated or tilted after a series of losses or poor performances. Some may resort to throwing as a form of venting frustration, though this negatively affects their teammates and the overall gaming experience.

Revenge or Spite

Personal conflicts, disagreements, or grudges among teammates can lead to throwing. Players may intentionally sabotage a game as an act of revenge or to spite others.

Trolling and Disruption

Some players throw games purely for the sake of trolling or causing disruption. They derive amusement from the frustration of their teammates and opponents.

Consequences of Throwing

Throwing in competitive games can have serious consequences, both for individual players and the gaming community as a whole:

Preventing Throwing

To combat throwing in competitive games, game developers, tournament organizers, and players must work together. Developers can implement systems to detect and penalize throwers, while organizers can enforce strict rules against cheating and throwing. Players themselves can contribute by reporting suspicious behavior and maintaining a positive and sportsmanlike attitude.

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