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One Trick: What does it mean to be a one trick player?

One tricking means to only play as a single character in a game. In titles with multiple characters, such as fighting or hero-based games, if a player only uses one character, and does not know how to play anything else, they’re considered a one trick player. It’s usually used in a negative connotation, as those players are useless when they must pick another agent.

It is important not to confuse a one trick player with someone who mains, as those two terms are similar yet different. As mentioned previously, a one trick player can only use a single character whereas mains always prefer a single champion, and wouldn’t mind using someone else if they need to, which would make them a more valuable member.

When is it okay to be a one trick player?

It mostly depends on the type of game. For team-oriented titles, being a one trick player is more detrimental for the squad than helpful, as that person won’t be able to assist their group if they need someone other than what they can play as. This playstyle can usually lead to them being a liability. 

Take Overwatch as an example. If a team needs a hitscan character but the player can only use a hero like Pharah, they’ll be a liability as they’ll only be feeding the enemy team free kills and making it harder for their team. The same applies to agents in Valorant, champions in League of Legends, and more.

However, if someone is one tricking in fighting games, where teamplay doesn’t matter, then it's fine because then they won’t be ruining the experience of others. Instead, that player will probably be a master at whatever agent they choose to play and will be able to counter other gamers.

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