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Roam: What is roaming in games?

Roaming is a role in games where the player roams around the entire map to catch opponents by surprise and kill them or to set up plays for their team. It comes from the word roam, which means moving around aimlessly, but unlike the literal word, in games, most roamers move from different positions, like jungle to lane with a plan in mind. Although roaming isn't necessary for a team, it's almost always preferred as it can make a squad more varied in terms of roles.

The unique thing about a roamer compared to other roles is that it's one of the few parts that isn't confined to doing a single thing like holding a single place but instead, can do all of them as the situation calls for it. If someone wants to be a defensive roamer and only roam around the objective, they have the option to do it, and if they want to go offensive and flank the enemy, that’s possible too.

How to effectively roam in games?

The first step to effectively roam in games is selecting the appropriate equipment/champion, as those abilities will let players move around the map properly. Characters that let someone dash, retreat, or even be silent can be a big help as they let roamers catch their opponents by surprise.

Another big thing roamers need is foresight and knowledge, as knowing their opponent's whereabouts or making informed decisions can ensure perfect plays. Players can stay updated by constantly moving around the map to listen for sounds and gather information. They must also always look at the map as it can show where the enemies are located and listen to team callouts so roamers can do according to what the squad needs.

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